WYSIWYG Purple Plate Coral



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WYSIWYG Purple Plate Coral. Awesome frag that is fully healed and ready to start rounding our in your tank. Great colored coral!

General coral Care:

Unless otherwise stated all coral is kept in these general parameters;

Water temperatures around 75-78F, Salinity of 1.024-1.026, Normal hardness of around 8-12 DKH, and PH around 8-8.4.

Coral Processing:

All corals are Received dipped rinsed and inspected before entering our first propagation system. We then watch the coral for a month and then dip, rinse and inspect a second time before moving to a secondary propagation tank for grow out or propagation. We will then move the coral after close inspection into our Online tank which is where photo’s are taken and coral is placed in an assigned spot until purchase. Once purchased we move coral to a prep area inside the online tank and await the shipping day. Upon the day it is ready to ship we will inspect under magnification and then pack and ship the item with Heat/cool packs depending on weather.


Items are shipped Monday unless otherwise specified. To ensure live stock heath all items are packed in 100% Oxygen. Heat packs or cold packs will be included if necessary. Standard shipping is done for up to 4 items at a cost of $50.00. Items shipped overnight for $50.00 are covered under our live arrival guarantee.

Orders Over $350.00 will receive Free Shipping unless you are outside the lower 48 States.

We can ship anywhere however Limited Edition Corals is not responsible for Local Laws or Customs. Educate yourself on your local laws and custom laws before purchasing.

Live arrival guarantee policy: 

         Live arrival is guaranteed within the 48 state regions and only when using the overnight shipping option. To be eligible for the live arrival guarantee the package must be signed for on first delivery attempt and cannot be delayed due to mechanical or weather related issues by shipping company. 

         In order to receive credit for DOA items you must send pictures of any dead livestock within 2 hours of delivery and email us with any problems. There is no guarantee outside of the 48 states, but we will try to work with you depending on circumstances.  The guarantee is a full credit of DOA items on a future shipment and does not cover shipping charges. We always want our customers to be happy and will do what we can to make this possible!

Photo Disclaimer:

All images of coral on this Website are the explicit property of Limited Edition Corals. Any duplication, reproduction, or use without the express consent of any of the said above parties is prohibited. Any unauthorized use of the images on this listing are in direct violation of the laws of copyright and can be prosecuted. This even includes the use of small portions of any of these images which are discernible as property of Limited Edition Corals.

All Photos are taken under Radion/Kessil blue combination with a Cannon EOS 80D with either a 100mm Macro Lens or a EFS 18-55mm IS Macro with a Custom made orange filter Lens unless otherwise stated. All photos are color matched too closely resemble coloration and brightness of coral as possible. 

We at Limited Edition Corals are trying to bring you the best Corals at Fantastic prices. If you have any questions about care of these corals please feel free to reach out. Thank you for shopping with us!

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